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Network Security

In today’s rapidly advancing technological age, valuable data and various networks are key features of governmental and business management. The recent rise of hacking attacks such as DDoS, Phishing, or Ransomware are creative exploits to steal proprietary information and a disruption of critical services.

With our solutions, layers of defense are strategically positioned at the edge and within the network to prevent unauthorized access. We ensure a prominent level of quality service and maintain cyber security for our clients so that network information is fully hack-proof. Our communications services also include perimeter defense.

Cyber Security is a Necessity in Our Society Today

Session Border Controller

IP-Tribe offers top-of-the-grade Session Border Controllers (SBC), devices that are capable of concealing signaling and communications via Internet and network protocol security systems. Our SBC devices are also designed for topology hiding, guarding networks against DoS or DDoS attacks, and protecting data packets from dissectors.

Deep Packet Inspection (DPI)

We work with our partners to offer DPI solutions to customers. These protect their networks against vulnerabilities such as DDoS attacks, buffer overflow attacks and malware, as well as function as surveillance over cyber territories.

Fraud Detection & Prevention

We ensure the swift detection and prevention of fraudulent activities by adopting various techniques that are a hassle-free solution for customers. We are dedicated in providing real-time fraud detection by source IP addresses, calling numbers, and user agents. As professionals in the communications industry, we also implement automatic blocking or call diversion, and a shield database of high-risk entities.

Security Information & Event Management

IP-Tribe offers Security Information & Event Management (SIEM) to provide real-time analysis of security alerts generated by network hardware and applications. These include 24-hour proactive event surveillances, priority alerts sent to you, and real-time management of security.

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