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Internet of Things

Internet of Things goes beyond connectivity. It encompasses every aspect of life from improved infrastructure for businesses, to the minute daily routines that involve everyone. At IP-Tribe, we are excited to be at the frontiers of this new ideology, and are ever ready to take on this new area of development.

With a proven track record of successful system integration, we are suited to integrate IoT into new and existing systems. Our synergy with existing platforms extends to B2B, A2P, B2B2C, and B2C clients as well.

Home Automation

IP-Tribe has worked with reputable vendors to build a secure and reliable IoT solution which fit into our concept of Home Automation. Features of Home Automation include smart lights, smart thermostats, smart door lock and many more. These devices make use of new communication protocols which connects to a gateway. They can also be managed through an easy-to-use User Interface.


Our SCEF can enforce security features such as introducing encryption or authentication protocols to boost network security. Furthermore, the SCEF provides the core mobile communication network function to external service providers as an open API. It can also manage small capacity data communication with the IoT terminal, which doesn’t support the IP stack.


EMM provides all the core functions of MDM, with the added benefits of application, content, and email management. With EMM, customers can keep track of your valuable company assets, configure and manage all mobile devices and updates easily, sustain the integrity of your IT environment and prevent unauthorized access.

We are constantly looking into this field in the machine-to-machine (M2M), machine-to-person (M2P) arena, and seeking to be the forerunner and ambassador for such services, so that we can bring you the latest and best technologies for the future.

Our customer services offer a repertoire of holistic and conclusive solutions. Our unique support and dedication to individual clients set us apart from our competitors. To put it simply, we pride ourselves on helping our clients to pilot applications and their operational aspects as a complete solution that is self-sustaining.

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