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Data Analytics

Traditional data upkeeping and applications are becoming obsolete in the boom of the digital information age. With our big data analytics and management solutions, we help you to always ensure real-time and instant processing of enormous data sets. IP-Tribe supplies the Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS), designed to store very large data sets reliably and stream them at high bandwidth to user and corporate applications. 

HDFS Management

  • High-performance access to data across Hadoop clusters  
  • Pools of big data to support big data analytics applications
  • A highly fault-tolerant file system

With Big Data Preparation, we do not just enable Service Providers to ensure that high quality and speed of data is fed to analytics platforms, we provide the scale to cope with these increasing volumes of big data.

Big Data Preparation

  • Absorb billions of records a day from multiple data sources
  • Perform arbitrary tasks such as de-duplication, aggregation, correlation, etc.
  • Write the results to multiple output destinations within seconds
  • Solve “Massive Volume / Instant Decision” business problems
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