About Us

Our Story

IP-Tribe’s story began in 2009 when we realised the need for Advanced Communications Core Network solutions. We see ourselves as a group of professionals, bound together by a common goal to constantly develop the best solutions for the ever-evolving communications industry.

Since then, we have been bridging people through state-of- the-art technology that enables effective and efficient network solutions. We offer end-to-end solutions that integrate every component of our clients’ network into a simple-to-manage system.

Our Work

With a strong presence in SEA, we are a proven and trusted system integrator partner of tier-1 communications service providers in the region.

We deploy sophisticated, best-of- breed turnkey solutions to complex Next Generation & Converged Communications Network solutions for tier-1 service provider professionals.

As experts in the business of advanced network communications, we also act as consultants for our customers – we provide our expertise and advice on the most feasible way to overcome problems with our solutions.

We are always the right partner to work with, and are always prepared for tomorrow’s technology – your partner today and tomorrow.

  • Network Performance Optimization (TCP Optimization)
  • Mobile Voice Recording (MVR)
  • Unified Endpoint Management (UEM/EMM/MDM)
  • Mission Critical Push-To-Talk System (MC-PTT)
  • Mobile Virtual Network Enabler System (MVNE)


  • Virtualized Hosted Smart Unified Communications System
    (IP Centrex)
  • Parental Control for Fixed Broadband Network
  • Rich Communication Services System (RCS)
  • Deep Packet Inspection (DPI)
  • Fixed Broadband Policy Control System (PCC)
  • Advanced Over-The-Top Messaging System (OTT)


  • Virtualized IP Contact Centre and Directory Query System (DQ)
  • Network Signalling Monitoring System (SS7)
  • Voice Quality Monitoring System (VQM)
  • IP Network Monitoring System (SIP)
  • Residential IP Telephony System Migration (VoBB)
  • Residential IP Telephony System Enhancements
  • Global Wholesales IP Telephony System
  • Business IP Telephony System (SIP Trunk)
  • Next Generation IP Telephony System for Residential Subscribers
  • Next Generation Wholesales IP Telephony System

Our Core Values

Discipline, Determine and Persevere, we DARE TO DO RIGHT



The company encourages its employees to think of creative ideas or solutions that can benefit in increasing effectiveness or efficiency in a highly demanding and ever-evolving telecommunications industry.


The company enforces professionalism in the way employees behave or conduct themselves. This portrays good and lasting impression towards the customers. The company also emphasizes in nurturing dedicated and talented engineering professionals to support the latest telecommunication technologies.


Mutual trust goes a long way in establishing good business foundation between the company and its employees, and in extension develops good work ethics with our customers.


The company instills responsibility in all its employees, to take up ownership of a task or project. With responsible employees, work schedule is adhered to at all times, while also maintaining high standards of work.


The company puts a strong emphasis on integrity among its employees, so as to reassure customers that honest work will always be provided.


The company respects and maintains work-life balance, and values the importance of having employees who are well rested for an efficient and productive work day.


The company constantly empowers its employees with new knowledge and skills. With this, employees are equipped with the confidence and positive attitude needed to take on new challenges.



    IP-Tribe’s solution offers maximum flexibility and the convenience of a full turnkey solution for supporting the successful launching and the operation of communications services for your businesses.


    We are officially certified with BizSafe 3 to ensure good environment work ethics for our clients and employees.


    With over 20 years of experience, we are veterans in the communications industry as we harness the fundamental knowledge that we build upon to offer the best-of-breed next generation communications solutions for now and for the future.


    Work with us to get the best of every solution, with an unending commitment to project completion and 24×7 after-sales support.


    Our team is highly agile, and are experts in different domain knowledge in the communications networks.  Each of them are adept in their own areas of expertise, providing a complete suite of services to you, with the objective of bringing the projects to fruition.


    We offer end-to-end solutions for our clients, removing the hassle of co-ordinating with various vendors before and after sales.